1. i think you should be able to make anonymous suggestions to this wiki.

2. i think if it doesn't matter to you either way, you should take credit for your suggestions. simply add your name to them.

mennonite's suggestions for this wiki:

3. (heh, this is my third, 1 and 2 were mine.) i think this wiki should focus on quickbasic- after all, that's what the wiki was created to do- but, i don't think the wiki should be *restricted* to quickbasic, as the best way to increase traffic will be to allow as many topics as possible. just keep them organized and then this wiki won't be useless.

4. (related to 3) index all quickbasic articles from the Main_Page at the top. at the end of that list index (optional) your off-topic articles. a central index of quickbasic articles is useful for the Main_Page, but not as important for other articles- just make sure that every article you write is linked to from at least one other page on the wiki... otherwise you won't be able to find them without google, feh. *edit: scratch that. just make sure every article you write is linked to by another. it may or not be reasonable to index all qb articles from the main page.

[your name here]'s suggestions for this wiki:

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