• 2k/xp: iki 0.3 has worked successfully in xp, see Iki_and_Xp
  • bochs: iki will not work in bochs, i tried it.
  • qemu: i doubt iki will work in qemu. i tried it, it didn't work. might be due to low memory (but i think it just won't work.)
  • dosbox: iki will not work in dosbox because of a bug that doesn't happen in qb+dosbox, nor with fbdos+real dos, but prevents text from printing in fbdos+dosbox. this is relevent to fbdos 0.15b and the last version of dosbox that works with 98 (the newest versions of dosbox don't always run in 98- i haven't tried them with iki yet.)
  • cmd.exe from the reactos project: iki will not run in ros cmd at all. when compiled with fbwin 0.13 instead, iki will still not run properly in ros cmd. of note: 1. reactos is in the alpha stage and still aims to be fully compatible with windows nt. 2. fb win 0.15(b?) is far better than 0.13 but i haven't downloaded it yet. i mostly use fbdos.
  • DOS: iki 0.3 will work in pure dos.

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