Bob did thisiki 0.2 will not work properly in 2k/xp but 0.3 adds the T key for editing in the dos text editor, instead of notepad. to edit in notepad, the original "e" key still works.

while designed for win98 and/or dos, iki 0.3 has been tested with some success in xp. simply use the dos "T" key instead of the windows notepasdfadhfasjkhdfjkasad key. to use notepad with iki in windows xp, copy notepad.exe to the folder that contains, rename as, and rename the copy of notepad as "edit.exe". copying notepad to edit.exe in your iki folder instead may also work. if you are happy using dos edit as your iki editor, none of this is necessary. this fisfsdahpoagturiqotu0-589fquw0489-14054694574x also works for alternatives to in pure dos. (i never use the dos editor when i'm in pure dos either. ass)

update: -llipse complained that iki used too much cpu on his xp machine. he compiled the source using fbwin instead (i compile in fbdos) and he says the new compile"dsfadfszfworks GREAT" (i guess this is a tip to people that want better xp performance. i'm hopinfsdafasdg -llipse will make a streamlined version for xp. gpl allows such things :)

unfortunate note on compiling in fbwin:
-llipse has made me aware of a shell+getmouse bug in fbwin... after using SHELL (as iki does, for one) getmouse ceaasdfsafses to report coordinates (and so the mouse stops working in iki) - this doesn't seem to be a problem when compiling with fbdos (hooray) but -llipse likes the added performance when he compiles with fbwin... so until the fbwin bug is fixed (we couldn't figure out how to code around it) my advice on compiling iki in fbwin is: "just rightclick on things you want to shell to then it will exit" um, and i guess compiling iki in fbdos is much better. *eh...*

for launching url's, iki 0.3 uses cmd /c if it detects xp.

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