what is iki?

  • iki is a text-Reader and shell, designed to work with essentially plaintext files (iki markup tags are few, optional, and not needed to format text.) and hyperlinks that are as easily created as they are in wiki.
  • iki uses almost-purely qbasic/freebasic-compatible code, is currently compiled using fbdos 0.15b and works in DOS and/or windows 98- (version 0.3 has been coaxed to work in xp, see also More_Iki_Environments) and could quite easily be ported to qbasic with few or no disadvantages (except speed, since fb is so speedy). the advantages of fb for mouse routines and large arrays were taken into account- but also the author didn't want to release any more binaries compiled in qb.

what is iki NOT?

  • iki is NOT a "text-Browser" or html browser, nor intended to be. if you want a text browser in windows i recommend lynx. sadly, there are no win32 ports of the coolest text-browser there is. (i think it's a variant of "links"... "elinks" or something- i'm not sure, but it even does javascript.)
  • iki is NOT an alternative to wiki. wiki is online, iki is offline. being offline gives it an entirely different set of advantages and uses. in other words, it's derivative in concept but completely different.

where can i download iki?

about iki in Polish language:


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